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Technical information

What kind of computer and equipment do I need to perform on

JasminCam standalone software requirements (Normal-Medium Quality and Without Multitasking)

  • Operating System: Windows XP with Service pack 2 or 3, Vista, 7 or 8
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7, at least Quad Core Processor with 2 Ghz or higher clockrate; AMD Athlon Quad Core Processor with 2 Ghz or higher clockrate
    You can check the detailed specification of Intel processors here.
    Offers by AMD can be found here.
  • Minimum 1024x768 screen resolution with 32-bit video card
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Broadband connection with 1.5 Mbps international uploading and 2 Mbps downloading speed
  • Minimum 100 MB free space on local hard drive
  • Audio card and microphone for voice
  • Flash Player 11 or above installed within Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime version 9.0c or above

JasminCam from browser (Without Multitasking)

  • Operating System:
    Windows XP (32 bit), Windows Server 2003 (32 bit), Windows Server 2008 (32 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) or Windows 8 (Classic and Modern),
    Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, or v10.8,
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.6 or later (32 or 64 bit), openSUSE 11.3 or later (32 or 64 bit), or Ubuntu 10.04 or later (32 or 64 bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz required (Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Broadband connection with 1024 kbps international uploading and 1 Mbps downloading speed
  • Audio card and microphone for voice
  • Flash Player 11 or above
  • Supported browsers (Win): Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 12.0 or later, Google Chrome or Opera 11 and later
    Supported browsers (Mac): Safari 5.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 12.0 or later, Google Chrome or Opera 11 and later
  • Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime version 9.0c or above

I cannot see my video image. What is the problem?

First of all check if all cables are connected and if Your camera drivers are installed properly. Make sure that no other application is accessing Your camera and that You have the latest Flash player installed. You can download it from this location: You need to select Your camera in Flash settings as follows:

  1. Right-click (CTRL-click for Mac users) on the video image
  2. Choose "Settings..." from the menu appearing
  3. Choose "Privacy" menu and Allow access to Your camera
  4. Click on the small web camera icon to access Camera menu
  5. Choose the camera You have installed

For further information, please read our Wiki guide.

How do I set my audio?

In order to provide audio feed You have to have a microphone. The device itself can be purchased for a few dollars; also many webcams have it integrated. Most of the microphones have a so called Jack-plug to connect to Your computer with. This should be plugged into the pink (sometimes red) connector of Your computer's audio device.

When coming online using JasminCam, the software will ask You to select Your microphone type from the first drop down menu.

I have no sound. What could be the problem?

First of all check if all cables are connected and if Your sound device drivers are installed properly. Make sure that You have the latest Flash player installed that You can download from this location:

For further information please read our Wiki guide.

Slow Camera Feed or Low Bandwidth Problems

In case Your camera feed is slow You probably have a low bandwidth internet connection or You have been flagged / suspended by the Support Team on this occasion. Please follow these steps in order to solve the problem:

  1. Turn off all the other applications that might use Your internet connection (like MSN, YouTube, etc).
  2. Go to, click on the "Begin Test" button and measure Your internet connection speed. When You contact our Support Team, please provide them with the Reference Number You received after the speed test.
  3. If Your download speed is less than 2Mb/sec and/or upload speed is less than 1024 Kb/sec then please call Your ISP (Internet Service Provider company) for more information. Most probably You will have to upgrade Your internet connection.
  4. If You use our Performer Optimum software, please make sure that Your system meets the minimum requirements
  5. Please do not use a wireless connection to perform on
  6. We would like to suggest You using the free Mozilla Firefox browser (available at, install the latest Adobe Flash Player version (available at, delete the temporary internet files from Your browser completely and restart it.
  7. Also, please uninstall any kind of toolbars like Yahoo! or Google from the browser.

Useful tips and tricks

I have low traffic in my room

The amount of Members and guests in Your room may vary from time to time. However there are a few factors that have an effect on your traffic and position on the list page.

Have an approved and high quality profile picture. You can find the detailed guide for it here on our Wiki page.

Make sure that you have at least 6 approved images in your gallery for free visitors.

Check if you have a good Appearance and Audio rating.

Check if you have Jasmin Selection. If not, please contact our Support Chat for more information.

Experiment which time of the day you have the most visitors and be online as much as you can.

I only have Guests in my room

All guests are potential Members, in fact most Members were guests once. We have brought greater traffic on, but as a Model you have a great part in converting them to loyal Members.

What should I do if someone is insulting me or spamming my Free chat room?

In case You have an unwanted, rude visitor in Your Free chat room You have the option to kick or ban him. Note that this option may only be used in case there is no other solution. If someone is advertising another website in Your room please click 'Report Bug/Spam' button in the software.

What should I do in Private?

In case You are performing in a nude category You are supposed to provide an erotic show as the Member wishes, according to how You agreed before. You may not provide any material that is against the law, our rules or good taste.

Keep in mind that in case You refuse to fulfil a Member's request Your earning from that particular Private show will be returned to the Member.

Admins in Free chat?

In case someone visits Your Free chat room using a name such as Admin, LiveJasmin_admin and asks for a 'promotion show' make sure You DO NOT provide such. Our Admins always contact You in Private. Never believe anyone who is pretending to be an Admin in Free chat area.

I haven't received my money! What should I do?

All Your earnings are managed by Your Master account owner (Studio boss). In case You have problems with Your payments contact him/her.

What is considered 'fetish' on

According to our category rules: a Performer in fetish outfit, which can be but not limited to any kind of recognizable uniform (nurse, soldier, officer, etc.), Leather or Latex costume (boots are not enough). Proper background in camera feed and in pictures (e.g.: blue background with cute dolphins are not accepted), with accessories (e.g.: leather or latex mask, leashes, riveted body accessories, chains) placed so as to be visible.

One or only a few of the above mentioned accessories and conditions are not enough. General impression, total effect is what counts.

How can I provide a better video feed?

You can read our thorough guide about image quality on our dedicated Wiki page.

How can I earn more money?

Naturally the amount of money You make depends mostly on Your physical features and Your talents. There are tricks though that could boost Your income.

You can read some useful tips on our guide.

Site related information

How to upload my photos stored on my computer to my Profile page?

You can upload your images under My profile menu Images part. Simply click on Browse select the image on the computer and click on the Upload button.

What are the requirements for the Profile picture?

You can find a very detailed guide for the Profile picture requirements on our Wiki page.

How long will it take to approve my registration documents?

Our Registration Department processes registration documents in arrival order. In case You already submitted all documents it usually takes a few hours depending on the number of pending applications. If You feel it slow, do not worry. Your turn will come soon.

How can I contact my Members?

TopMembers (Members who subscribed to this additional service) have the option to send You messages after they have visited You in Private. You can as well send them messages once a day. After a particular TopMember visits Your Private room again, You will be able to send another message.

You can find this feature in Your Performer Account by clicking on Messages – Message to Members. E-mailing, contacting a Member outside Jasmin is against the rules.

How can I change my category?

In case You would like to change the category You perform in You may contact our Online Support. They can modify Your actual category provided that You meet category requirements.

What is the difference between Free and Member chat?

In case You are logged into Free chat area all visitors, both Guests and Members will be able to see Your video feed. You need to chat with Your visitors and You are not allowed to be naked.

In Members only area on the other hand You are allowed to be naked since no one will be able to see Your video until a Member takes You to Private. Members only area is for Your convenience.

How do I know who is a Guest and who is a Member in my Free chat room?

Guests will always appear with a name such as guestxxx, where x represents a number. On the other hand, Members have their own, personal usernames. You might also notice Members with a VIP tag after their nicknames. They are Members participating in the VIPMember awards.
In case a Member takes You to Private, a new window appears with the Member's name in a yellow tab in the upper left corner.

How many Members can enter my Private room at the very same time?

The maximum number of Members in Your Private room at the same time is 6. You can switch between them by clicking on the corresponding tab. Keep in mind that You need to give priority to the Member who entered first.

What is Non Nudity section?

Performers in a non nude category can make friends and have fun chatting. No nudity is allowed in such categories.

Online Support

You are very important to us and we strive to provide You with world class Customer Service. Customer Service agents are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to meet Your needs. You may contact them online at the Customer Support chat room by clicking on Messages – Support chat Icon in Your Performer account. You can also send messages to our Support team by clicking on Messages – Message to Support.